Tarea#1 The Beautiful web!

My days usually begin with me checking my personal social media accounts, Like Facebook, Instagram, twitter or even snap chat. Now days I feel like everyone does the same. It isn’t recommended that as soon as you wake up to check your phone. Since your eyes are barely opened and they are very vulnerable at that moment, but hey I still do. My relationship with the web I would say is closer than ever. I religiously use YouTube and Google to find any type of content.  From basic knowledge to silly memes, or music. I love the fact that the “Web” has become basically a virtual brain for the world to use. Its the strongest tool anybody could haven right now. From personal social media accounts to be connected with your friends and loved ones, to actually having a full advertised account where you promote your own content and monetize it.

Could you live without the Internet?

The real answer is yes. There’s so many things to do in this life that doesn’t involve using the internet 24/7 days a week. There is still actually people that don’t use the internet for the purpose of staying present and focused on their daily life’s things. For me the Web is such a strong tool and in my case is a priority thing to have or use, since I am in the way of becoming a free lance Photographer and Filmographer. I want to produce beautiful and extrovert content for the people to see, follow, get inspired by or even buy from me. These are my expectations about the beautiful Web.

Here’s an example.


[Picture, Waterfall by, Thomas Shahan Licenced CC]

My Logo: Ewoodstudio 
[Picture, Logo by Emmanuel Vélez]

I want to able to inspire people and other free lancers as well.

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