PicsArt_02-16-10.48.50This web page was made with a purpose, to those who see life a different way. eWoodStudio was created to help other cinematographers reach out their good potential in Cinematography but overall to inspire!

ewood_02-16-10.21.46To teach others how to see things from a different point of view. Helping you develop an artistic mindset, and not being afraid to show it. Like they say, one simple photograph could say more than a thousand words.

Life is about taking risk. Those who are not willing to risk, are not willing to win.

ewood_02-16-10.34.37I’ve been doing Free running almost my whole life. When it comes to this sport, the world is your playground. This has helped me along my journey, doesn’t matter what time, or what place all you have to do is go outside! I honestly could say, it feels like playing with gravity.

You are your own limit

We are all creators in our own ways and this page is about proving it so. They say the sky is the limit, but not for those who have learned to fly in their minds.

Go out and do it

Photo by: Emmanuel Vélez from eWoodStudio.



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