My Perspective about the Web

Now days the web is one of the most efficient tools ever made. We can all be interconnected at once and be able to collect as much data for ourselves, its incredible. It has become a number 1 source of research and just pretty much anything. From homework to jobs or social networks the Internet has changed the way we communicate. My relationship with the web I would say is closer than ever. I religiously use YouTube and Google to find any type of content.  From basic knowledge to funny memes, music or Cinematography. I love the fact that the “Web” has become basically a virtual brain for the world to use. Its the strongest tool anybody could haven right now. From personal social media accounts to be connected with your friends and loved ones, to actually having a full advertised account where you promote your own content and monetize it.

Here’s a video that explains a bit further about the beautiful web!

  • What is the Internet?


  • Some Gifs related to the Internet!

Giphy: By: @ryanseslow 

Giphy:  By: 

  • Twitter latest News!



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