Assignment #5 “Do not track”

Do Not Track is an interactive Documentary series that teaches us about the web economy, the privacy and specially about the servers that “Track” our information daily. Over here we get to have a very well explained definition of what are the famous “Cookies” also the “Cache” and web browse history.

Is shocking to know that, that’s how eventually Ads pop out based on the things that we like, share or even just searched at some point. It also tells us how we basically give not megabytes but Gigabytes of information daily when we “accept” a terms of policy or agree to the terms of use of apps such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and more. Do not track reveals how many “Trackers” and possibly third parties you unconsciously get, when open a browser and provide a certain amount of information which it eventually leads to them profiting from it and also using it fro other purposes.

In my own personal Opinion of this blog, it does concern me of learning such information from this documentary. Since it helps us really re-evaluate ourselves and the kind of information we should provide from ourselves. Without forgetting the purpose of why we gave it in the first place. Some apps don’t even work if you don’t give information at first hand. But it really is a two sided coin were dealing here. This kinds of situations could affect us in a lot of ways starting with our personal Identities. People should be scared of giving so much private information such as where they live and if they have families or even so giving personal government issued ID’s Like Drivers licenses or Social security numbers.


  • Here a quick example on Enabling or disabling the cookies on chrome.

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